Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blankets, Pillows And The Great Outdoors

My good friend Danielle over at Danielle Huddleston Photography and I have been planning this photo shoot for months now.  For one reason or another it kept getting put off.  Today was the day, and while rain in the forecast made it look like we might have to put if off again, we had perfect temperatures and partly cloudy skies.  A little more cloudy than desired but better than rain.  I can't wait to see what pictures Danielle captured, I'm really happy with how mine turned out.

The quilt used for the tent was made by my grandma as a wedding gift.  She made one queen sized quilt for each of her 5 children and 10 grandchildren.  As well as throw sized for her 11 great grand children.  Each one is machine sewn and all except the most recent little ones, have been hand quilted.  She does amazing work.

Love these shoes.  My mom found them at Children's Place last year. For $2.50!!!! We have them in size 6, 8 & 10. My mom is an amazing shopper!  Thanks again mom.

This is a favorite book of the girls.  They can also be found reading it here.

The pink lemonade was a big hit!

Thanks Danielle for all the hard work getting this shoot ready and keeping your back yard so photo friendly!


  1. Great shots! Thanks for sharing your vision with me :)

  2. I think my favorite is backlit miss Ava sippy her lemonade.

  3. Love these!! So cute! Danielle did a great job setting the scene!

  4. Thanks "Wani" and you are welcome Danielle I enjoy combining our creative "genius" and seeing the results. That backlit picture of Ava is one of my favorite too.