Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Life: Simplified and a Princess Party

If you follow this blog at all you probably noticed I have not done a post in the past couple of months.  This fall came bringing new commitments and rearranging priorities.  I am now going to school every weekday morning and homeschooling Sweet Lily Girl.  So in order to keep up with everyday household, parenting and wifey type responsibilities I have streamlined my priorities.  Unfortunately this blog is not close enough to the top to make it into my day to day life. 

However today is the first day of my Thanksgiving break from school and while I still have a stack of books on my desk that need to be read I am allowing myself this time to do a few blog posts.  Yea!

I will start with an update for that chandelier I posted about previously.  If you remember it was for the then upcoming now past princess party.  I really like how the whole party turned out.  My parents were able to come to town again for the girls' party again.  The party was back in October it was a perfectly beautiful day for 17 little ones to be running around our back yard.  Yes you read that right.  We had 15 little Princes and Princesses join our two little princesses.

Picture above & below taken by Danielle Huddleston 

Our youngest princess in attendance:

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