Thursday, August 25, 2011

There's A Chandelier Here Somewhere... I Can Smell It!

Earlier today Sweet Lily Girl was looking for her "blankie".  Yes, she has one of THOSE.  She calls it her "pink blankie" as if she didn't have at least 6 other pink blankets.  She was walking around starting to get a little frustrated and said "Where is my blankie? I can smell it around here somewhere!"  It cracked me up and I'm still laughing about it.  I think I might use the phrase randomly from now on.  "Where are my keys? I can smell them around here somewhere." or "There is a pen on my desk somewhere I can smell it" or "Gabe must be home I can smell him."  Well maybe not the last one. Except he does where some great cologne.  (You're welcome for that great gift I bought myself you honey!)

Here is a picture of Lily when her "Pink Blankie" was still pretty.

Doesn't it look so soft and shinny and a pretty soft pink color?  I'm not showing you a picture of it now almost 4 years later.  Those of you moms that have kids with "blankies" I'm sure you understand.  For the rest of you lets just say it's not all those previously listed things anymore and the only reason it doesn't stink is that I wash it in baking soda on a regular basis. (Thanks Brooke for the tip.)


I've been working to get everything ready ahead of time for the girls birthday party in October and I want to make a faux chandelier.  I got everything out that might possibly be usable to inspire myself and take a picture to share with you all of course.  While I was looking at this picture I took earlier today I thought: "There is a chandelier in here somewhere....I can smell it." 

Somewhere in all of this is a chandelier just waiting to be created.  I've been inspired elsewhere too.  Check these out:

Each one is amazing, inspiring and even shares easy to follow tutorial but not exactly what is floating around in my head.  I'm hoping I can get that image out into reality.  I'll share pictures here if I can!

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  1. She is such a little comedian :) Can't wait to see the chandelier!