Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mini Bunting

This is the window ledge in my kitchen over my sink.

I like a little whimsy

I also like variety.  I have a bunch of these "Mini Bunting" Strands.  I change them out according to my mood.  They are super easy and cheap and add just a little bit of fun to a room. They can be put in plants like I have done hear.  Or on the corner of a mirror or picture frame.  On a cake or any where else you imagination can come up with.

This particular strand of Mini Bunting is made from a small scrap of Toile fabric that I got from who knows where.  I cut 1 1/2" x 2" triangles with straight scissors across the top and pinking shears for the other two sides.  Then I simply sewed them together leaving plenty of thread at each end to tie them off.  I bought a pack of skewers from Wal-Mart, they cost $ .97 for a pack of 100.  So all in all this little bit of whimsy in my kitchen cost me about $ .03 figuring in the thread.  I think that could fit into any budget.

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