Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Day Of Firsts (More From Our Michigan Trip)

Who could ask for a better day?

Michigan Sweet Corn.
Ice Cream.
Friends who have known me my entire life.

These people are the kind of people who are like rocks.  Solid. Dependable. Not going anywhere.  I have always know there are certain people who I can count on in life. Jim & Vicki are some of those people. (It's still weird calling them by their first names even though I was told 14 years ago when I turned 18 that I could drop the Mr. & Mrs. M)  They are the kind of people who you would call if you were in trouble or who call you on your birthday to sing a horrible rendition of Happy Birthday.  The kind of people who encourage and uplift you and tell you the same story about how honored they were to be the first people to ever babysit you.  The kind of people who see children as precious and valuable and treat them that way.  My girls knew after a very short time that they were loved and treasured and quickly became comfortable and made themselves at home.

Until this day my little girls had never been on a boat, never been fishing, and never eaten Michigan sweet corn (of which I did not get a picture because I was to busy eating 1 1/2 cobs full).

Thanks Mom for helping me and my kids remember that I was there.

She caught at least a dozen fish!
(It helps that they regularly feed them right there from the dock.)

We'll be signing her up for boaters safety soon.

I think she could have fished all day.

My only regret from the day is not hearing the story about the first time they babysat me.  Next time I will have to make a request.

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