Saturday, August 13, 2011

Princess To Super Hero

Last Saturday was a party day.  After and early morning photo shoot with Jessica I headed home to get Sweet Lily Girl ready for a Pretty Princess Party.  I gave her an up-do and everything.  (It's so easy with her hair all you need is gel and hair pins.)  The party was fantastic, she is still talking about it.

The Birthday Girl

We all (the moms) had a great time decorating wands and crowns.  The girls loved them.  It was precious.

The party was simple in concept with lots of fun details, good food and fun party games. Perfect for a little princess turning 4.

My favorite part was the Tea Party.  Out under a big shade tree with pretty pink puff balls hanging over head all the little girls sat and drank "tea".  The party mama was clever to fill tea pots with pink lemonade.  As each child headed out to the blankets spread out and waiting for them, they were handed a Jello cup and a baggie which held a spoon, a cheese stick and a heart shaped PB&J sandwich.

And on top of everything else, there was a Pinata.

Sweet Lily Girl hits like a princess.  And of course in true Lily fashion, with her tongue hanging out.

After the Princess Party and a nap we transitioned into super heroes with capes and masks and headed to another party.  I only got a few pictures here but if you'd like to see more including the awesome decorations see Danielle's blog here.   Unfortunately the girls did not leave their masks and capes on long enough for either one of us to get any pictures.  You can see them here though.

The Birthday Boy
We got an appropriate gift for Superman.  A Superman t-shirt of course.

This picture of Sweet Lily Girl is well, sweet.  I'm not sure if this is a sign of exhaustion from the day or just peacefully enjoying the party of one of her best little friends.  Either way, I think she pretty with her left over princess hair and sweet look.

Bat Man left his mask on for the majority of the party.  It was adorable.

You can see how daintily Little Miss Ava Grace eats over here.  I however will post a clean picture of her just because it's so stinkin' cute. This is the look she gets when she know she's getting something that does not belong to her.  Like a Superman bottle for example.

The girls had so much fun.  But how could they not have a great time when they are with their bestest friends and get to eat cake and ice cream.


  1. Awesome pictures! Thanks for becoming superheros for me :)

  2. Anytime...anytime! I was thinking about making myself a cape and imagining what it should look like.