Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Fox Theater

I grew up not far from Detroit, Michigan.  There is not a whole lot from that city that I would be interested in sharing here.  But while we were making our very own Fox Theater I couldn't help but laugh at the comparison to the "real" Fox Theater.

Our Fox Theater

The "Original"

Ours I think is just as GRAND don't you think?

For this project I decided to set aside my desire for things to be "beautiful" and looking how I picture in my mind.  This is a struggle for me but I find that I end up being the one doing the project as my sweet girls stand by bored watching me have all the fun. I wanted the girls to have a great time with this project and they did.  They helped with every step except using the utility knife.  I thought we'd wait a year or two or several before we turn them loose with sharp blades.

The box came from a foam mattress that we recently purchased.  Did you know they can ship a queen sized mattress in a box?  I didn't.  It was vacuum packed in plastic put in a card board "sleeve" and slid into another box.  All this packing = future crafting fun.  On delivery day I was excited for both the new mattress and the potential projects.

After the cutting process was done we did a base coat with a quart of "oops paint" that I picked up over a year ago.  I did not get pictures of this part of the process.  We were all a little to messy for me to think about touching my camera.

Next step.  The fun painting:

I let the girls choose the fabric for the curtains as well.  Sweet Lily Girl insisted that it must have flowers on it.  I didn't do anything with it besides cut it with pinking shears and duct tape it to the back.  Knowing that this is made from cardboard and that it's life span will probably not be very long I did not want to put more work into it than it is "worth".

We also made puppets.  More to come on that soon!

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  1. Beautiful pictures while making wonderful memories.